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The Legal Process

The Legal Process

Applying for the all important ‘Affidavit’ document.

 It is true to say, our lives have been become embroiled with the frustrating and incessant amount of bureaucracy, red tape and political correctness which also extends to civil weddings.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, we have eliminated all of the above would believe made the experience fun and painless.

Prior to our couples flying out to Antalya, we would have at various times during the process advised them of the various documents they require to bring with them in order to be legally married in Turkey.

With the assistance of the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara team, our couples have no cause for concern as we guide, advise and explain clearly how to obtain the mandatory ‘Affidavit’ document.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, we have successfully assisted countless couples when applying for the ‘Affidavit’ who in-turn expressed the apparent ease they obtained the document.

Many of our couples said they could not understand what all the fuss was about because we made what seemed a daunting and arduous ordeal into something quite simple and straight forward. In one or two instances, not everything went according to plan as there were a couple of close shaves we managed to overcome. At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, we constantly liaise with our couples making sure everything was covered on the check-list in good time prior to their arrival. In other words no stones were left unturned.

Kindly click onto the the link below for more information to find out more about the documents which are required for UK citizens to be married in Turkey legally.

Blood test.

The day after our couple arrive, we stage a meeting with our couples. Also in attendance at the meeting is the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara team, and the relevant department managers, Executive chef and most importantly, the pastry chef. The meeting is very informal, amicable, relaxed, jovial and cordial as we set about finalising the specific details of our couples wedding ceremony/reception as per the wedding plan.

Once the meeting has been concluded, our couples fill out an official form we have obtained in advance from the Marriage registrars Office in Antalya. This form requires to be signed by a doctor. The second form is straightforward as the Private medical facility requires, a hand written declaration from both of our couple to say they respectfully decline to take the blood test. Five passport photographs are required, one for the Blood test form and the remaining four are submitted with marriage documents

The very next morning we head in to the city of Antalya to submit the documents at the private medical facility. We hand over the documents and completed forms to the charming receptionists and they do the rest whilst we sit back and relax.
The entire process takes around 15 minutes, all thanks to our unique relationship with the private medical facility, as our couples are not required to take the blood test, providing they submit a hand written declaration stating they decline to take the blood test.

The experience the private hospital from the moment we enter until we receive the medical report document signed by the Doctor can be best described as ‘ refreshing, entirely painless and enlightening’.

Submitting the official wedding documents at the Antalya Municipality marriage registrars Office.

The process of getting married in Turkey for UK citizens has become so much easier in recent years as more and more couples are now choosing to get married in Turkey. Long gone are the days when UK citizens were compelled to make the arduous journey to the British Consulate in the capital city, Ankara before submitting the relevant documents to the marriage registrars office of whichever town or city in Turkey you were getting married in. The blood test alone took almost two days when these two days could be better spent relaxing around a pool or beach.

The good news is, the entire process from start to finish takes around two hours and would you believe us if we told you it is actually fun and not the daunting and stressful experience many presume it is.

This is attributed mainly to our Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara team who accompany our couples to the medical facility and registrars Office and take care of everything.

During the round trip journey we also provide commentary by pointing out many of the city of Antalya’s most famous and notable landmarks, which makes the entire experience enjoyable, interesting and educational. “Fun”, we hear you say? Absolutely, gone are the days when applying to get married in Turkey meant visiting drab state buildings. The private medical facility is ‘state of the art’ whereas the marriage registrars office is contemporary yet very cosy. Both sets of staff are very welcoming, hospitable, friendly and accommodating. Is it any wonder that our couples were overly impressed with the whole experience. The hugely favourable comments we receive tend to be on the lines of “it is not this easy in the UK”.

We exchanged pleasant farewells with the marriage registrar and her charming team. Before returning back to the Liberty Hotels Lara along the dramatic cliffs, we paused momentarily so our couple could enjoy a ‘Kodak’ moment and take some amazing panoramic photographs of the scenic cliffs, dramatic mountains, stunning western coastline of Antalya. The look of amazement on our couples faces was a sight to behold, as they took countless photos not to mention ‘selfies’

Now that everything has been confirmed from the legal side of things, our couples can relax back at the Liberty Hotels Lara as they look forward to the day of their wedding.

We encourage them to enjoy themselves by just lazing around the pools or on the beach, whilst we quietly set about making all the necessary arrangements behind the scenes, ensuring our couples wedding ceremony/reception meal surpasses their expectations.