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A Real Wedding Story

A Real Wedding Story

Real Life weddings - A Wedding in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara success story.

Each and everyone one of the weddings Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara has hosted and staged tells their own unique story from the moment our couples decide we are the right organisation to stage the best and most important day of their lives.

Marriage between two people is much more than just a commitment, it is a statement of unconditional love between two people who desire to spend the rest of their lives together and naturally, they want their special day to be perfect in every way.

From Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Amsterdam, Tehran & London to Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara.

If you were to put us on the spot and ask us which is our favourite Wedding in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara story of which we have many, it would most probabably be Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s wedding.

Parisa & Juan Sebastian are both young successful, career minded professionals from two completely different continents, cultural and ethnic backgrounds living in Los Angeles, California.

The story Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara is showcasing dates back to the latter part of January 2014, when we received Parisa & Juan Sebastian completed wedding plan whilst the Liberty Hotels Lara was in the midst of a major renovations/refurbishment programme.

Picture this scenario; Juan Sebastian family originate from Columbia and Parisa’s family reside in Iran. Just to make it even more interesting, their close family and friends attending their wedding were flying in from Spain, Germany, USA, France & Canada.

By staging their wedding in Turkey would enable both Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s respective close family, relatives and friends to attend, and together share the milestone in their lives which they have embarked on.

Trying to organise or even co-ordinate a wedding in the USA alone can pose untold challenges, is extremely time consuming and not forgetting the insurmountable levels of stress one normally associates with during the planning and organising stages for such an event of this magnitude.

Can you even begin to imagine the logistical challenges attempting to organise a wedding overseas, especially in a country they have not previously visited. Placing their trust entirely in the hands of a “long distance supplier” takes tremendous courage and conviction.

Extremely daunting we hear you say?

When you read on, you will begin to realise, the doubts and apprehensions which normally set in, quickly evaporated as the foundation of trust between both parties was established from the outset.

After much deliberation and due-diligence, on the 9 th of March 2014, Parisa & Juan Sebastian made the decision and awarded the contract to the Liberty Hotels Lara to host and stage their dream wedding on the 25 th of July, 2014.

We were delighted and proud that Parisa & Juan Sebastian chose Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara from the short-list of hotels who were contesting the privilege to host and stage their dream wedding.

Planning and organising a wedding oversea’s is more straightforward than you would imagine; as more and more people are beginning to go down this route.

With the professional and personal assistance provided by Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, other advantages and benefits include favourable weather conditions, affordable, flexibility, less stressful as well as enjoying a holiday, wedding and honeymoon at the same time.

At this point, we would just like to re-iterate that throughout our journey, all of our prospective bride’s and groom's receive our undivided attention, support and guidence as we set about organising and planning their wedding ceremony/reception.

During our many telephone conservations, skype or e-mail correspondence, we devote as much time as necessary for our couples when they contact us with specific questions or should they wish to amend any aspect of their wedding plan.

Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s spent a week in the city of Istanbul taking in some of the worlds most prominent sights before they took the short internal flight down to Antalya.

We organised transportation from Antalya airport to the Liberty Hotels Lara. In the meantime, we made one final check to make sure nothing on the check-list was overlooked. Sure enough, nothing was overlooked as we waited in reception for their arrival.

When Parisa’s & Juan Sebastian’s coach pulled up alongside the revolving doors of the Liberty Hotels Lara reception, the feeling was reminiscent to greeting close family members. There were lots of hugs, embraces and a sense of mutual respect, warmth and togetherness felt so genuine, heartfelt and natural

The correspondence between ourselves leading up to this heartfelt union was quite intense as we set about putting the final personal touches to their wedding as we had only a short window or timeframe of less than two days.

Later on that evening we all reconvened to go over Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s wedding ceremony/reception. During the meeting, which went smoothly, we touched on every minute detail of their wedding ensuring that no stones were left unturned.

The day of Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s wedding.

The wedding day is said to be the most important day in the life of every couple as expectations and emotions start running high which can cause a lot of stress and worry for our couples.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, our hands on approach and meticulous eye for detail relieves our couples of any stress and anxiety so they can enjoy and share their special day with their family and loved ones, and not have to worry about anything.

The Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara team spent nigh on eight months planning for Parisa and Juan Sebastian's wedding. Now that the big day has arrived, we want to be sure that everything goes as close to “exactly-as-planned” as possible.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara we have put in place a wedding ceremony/reception strategy to take care of all the details which allows our couples and their guests to relax and enjoy the wedding ceremony & reception.

Many couples now agree, by having a designated person, even if he or she is not a “wedding planner,” is a good idea to take care of any last minute decisions, emergencies and/or contingencies that may crop up on the big day.

Our bride’s and groom’s will have an extra peace of mind knowing that someone is quietly in the background ensuring things go smoothly, as they focus on having a fun and memorable wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony,

From Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s brief we managed to replicate a chic and trendy Californian style beach wedding ceremony on our golden beaches.

Pre-ceremony cocktails.

Parisa & Juan Sebastian’s wedding guests mingled near the beach ceremony venue to enjoy pre-ceremony cocktails drinks with o’derves. Subtle appropriate ambient music along and the stunning backdrop of the Taurus mountains provides the ideal setting as they wait for Parisa and her bridesmaids.

The bride’s wedding dress

Parisa looked so graceful, radiant and resplendent in her handmade designer wedding dress which was purchased in Los Angeles. To compliment her dress, Parisa wore pretty pearl earrings encrusted with small diamonds.
As Parisa walked down the aisle all eyes were transfixed on her magnificent wedding dress. The bridesmaids were equally resplendent in their designer turquoise chiffon bridesmaids dress.

The groom’s outfit

Juan Sebastian chose an elegant ensemble reminiscent of the 1930’s and looked rather dapper in his hand stitched tan coloured brogue shoes, light grey linen slacks, light blue shirt and a tailored blue and grey pinstriped jacket. His best man and closets friends sported matching designer beige linen slacks, white shirts and completed the trendy look with either turquoise or wooden bow ties, braces and a traditionally British trilby hats.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake had three tiers. The bottom and top tiers were round and the middle tier, square. The cake was covered in white with artistic touches of sky blue piping and decorated with peach roses from the southern Mediterranean coastline. 

The flowers

Parisa & Juan Sebastian chose the Mediterranean region’s traditional flowers of peach roses for bride’s and bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces.

The Theme

Parisa & Juan Sebastian decided on a stylish, hip and trendy Californian style, casual wedding ceremony with touches of elegance, sophistication at the same time creating a harmonious fusion between contemporary chic and traditional ethnic backgrounds.

The Wedding Reception venue

The reception meal was hosted and staged on our impressive pier. Parisa & Juan Sebastian were seated at the head table with their respective parents whilst round their esteemed wedding guests were seated around round tables either side of the head table. This table plan allowed for a natural dance floor to be created and needless to say the dancing and merriment went on until midnight and carried on until the early hours of the morning at the Sunset bar and the Black & White disco. The exotic Belly-dancers gyrating, sleek and classy performance further enhanced the evenings entertainment as our DJ played our couples favourite songs.

TheWedding Reception meal

Parisa & Juan Sebastian and their wedding guests enjoyed the menu below which was refined, elegant and elevated to fine dining calibre.

STARTER- Baby spinach salad with heart of palm walnuts and cherry vinaigrette
HOT APPETIZER - Melanesian eggplant, tomatoes, parmesan cheese zucchini, yellow and red pepper
MAIN COURSE- Herb crusted rack of lamb with pumpkin risotto
DESSERT - Fig parfait with pomegranate dressing
***Unlimited local beverages (soft & alcoholic)

Each of the courses were served by our most decorated waiters who were impeccably attired for the occasion wearing white gloves. Our wedding guests received the elegant ‘Hand Service’ throughout the culinary experience, all guests at a table are served at precisely the same time. Foods are pre-plated and the plates are fitted with dome covers. At the direction of the Head waiter, all servings are set in front of all guests, and their dome covers are removed, at precisely the same time. This procedure was followed for all courses. This is a very elegant style of service that is sometimes called “service in concert or synchronized service.”

Special touches

Parisa & Juan Sebastian were blessed by having all their close family and friends around them, some of the whom had travelled from the United States, Columbia, Spain, France and Germany.
The following morning, Parisa & Juan Sebastian were treated to a special honeymoon champagne ‘Breakfast in Bed’ consisting of a full and continental champagne breakfast.

The Wedding photographs.

We, at Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara decided to leave the photography to the very end, and there is a very good reason for this. Every wedding Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara has hosted and staged is very similar to the story we have told with a few little tweaks here and there. In our archives we have thousands upon thousands of photographs our resident photographer has taken for every wedding event Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara has hosted and staged. Each frame is a priceless moment which symbolizes and captures our couples happiness which is clearly evident from the genuine smiles on their faces. Most things can be faked, but one thing which cannot be faked is the genuine happiness etched on the faces of all of our wedding couples.

In other words each photograph portrays the true story as do the testimonials posted by our couples on Trip Advisor's credible social media website.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the stylish be-spoke wedding we hosted and staged for our dear friends from Los Angeles, USA, courtesy of Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara.